Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Flook it!

Flook is a location-based browser. Its very graphical. Its is a game awarding you for augmenting your surroundings by sharing information about them. To me Flook is more playful and the more graphical approach than similar apps like GoWalla and Foursquare is appealing.

In Flook you create "cards" that tell about a place. You add text, a photo and a category to the card. Cards can be informative, express a sentiment, comment on something in the surrounding etc. Every time you share you are awarded.

Cards can be collected or shared and people befriended. The categories can be from "Funny", "Food and drink", "For sale", "Place to go", "Question", "Event" "Local secret", "Art",or "Uncategorized".

You can also search featured flookers - these are users that present specific content - such as (concerts) or EnglishHeritage (knowledge on historical sites).

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